O’s-pinion: Is Being a YouTuber an Excuse to Harass People?

Wow…I didn’t think I would see the day people justified their actions based off of an app that could probably shut down in a few years but I was wrong again!

Lauren Love, a YouTuber who shares her channel with her boyfriend like multiple other influencers out here in the world, was caught slipping when she thought pretending to fire people from Walmart would be the funniest thing since Blac Chyna became a Kardashian.

Boy was she wrong.

Not only did she make one of the workers cry because they were scared that they wouldn’t be able to provide for their family, but she made an apology video of her justifying why she did it.

Now, I completely understand that YouTubers want to provide content for their fans that are “unique” or “different.” Did you guys peep the sarcasm?

This isn’t a way to do it, I swear harassing people has become the new “lol” in the dry sense of humor that most people have today.

Lauren isn’t the only person who has done stupid pranks like this. A lot of influencers go around and harass people, yeah I said it, for views. There was another YouTuber by the name of MCKNIGHTS COMEDY LOUNGE who threw rice at people in Walmart.

Freaking. Walmart.

This is what I call “losing touch with reality for social media.”

Meaning, most people will do anything for views because more views equals more profit. So, if they have to pretend to be someone’s CEO and fake fire them to do it, then they will.

Let me break it down for you. Ever since social media became the new hussle of the 21st century, everyone is trying to get a bag. YouTube made it possible for people to be able to receive that bag through advertisements allowing influencers to brag to others about how they can do the same thing. It ends up profiting not just influencers but YouTube as well.

With that being said, YouTube is one of the largest social networks running right now, so for most influencers who don’t want to work at a 9-5 job or feel like YouTube is a “career” they tend to do anything for the money.

YouTube takes making profits because when Walmart contacted them to take Lauren’s video down after the backlash, YouTube refused to do it. It took multiple people to flag or speak against her video for YouTube to finally take it down.

Some influencers were allegedly doing fake pranks, starting fake beefs and scamming other people.

Most people admitted to some of their content being fake which wasn’t a surprise to most people. Then there were the select few who would get into a verbal “altercation” with fans who called them out on their fake content. Damien from D&B Nation was going hard on live when their YouTube channel allegedly was “hacked.”

All that spitting and it turned out their content was still fake.

D&B Nation even did this “reality show” like episodes as their “vlogs” to earn more views. It worked and YouTube started going down hill with influencers forgetting that they live in the real world not the social media one.

Just in case you were still confused, I don’t agree with what some of these influencers are doing for content.

I don’t think it’s okay to harass anyone for views to put money in your pocket. What’s ironic is the fact that YouTube wasn’t supposed to be like mainstream media with their false narratives and sensationalism on different stories but now it’s turned into it.

If not, worse.

All this drama and imaginary beef just so viewers will stay tune and not realize that most of their faves are dryer than those old chalkboards we had back in grade school.

2 thoughts on “O’s-pinion: Is Being a YouTuber an Excuse to Harass People?

  1. Definitely agree! I think that because people with no “real” content ideas or passion for videography, content creating, and/or have nothing to bring to the table, want to get “famous” and try to create these types of videos just for views. It’s sad because content creating needs… CONTENT. A lot of people who are posting YouTube videos now are just trying to become “lifestyle influencers” with no real specialty or reason other than they think they’ll make money for seemingly doing nothing.
    I’m actually writing a thesis for my Journalism class on citizen journalism and the idea of bloggers/social media influencers changing traditional journalism. I think this same idea can be applied because there are professional content creators who have to abide by certain rules and regulations (which can be necessary), then you have those who do it “self-made” and don’t have to follow those same ethics. Some people see rules and regulations as censoring freedom of speech and expression (which to an extent and in some cases it does), but on the other hand, things like this happen and that disturbs people’s peace of mind and creates a concern for credibility amongst the professional content creators.
    Just some thoughts! Love the content you’re making boo keep it up 🙂 xoxo, M.V.J

    1. I remember touching on citizen journalism, it’s a great concept to pick up social influences. Thank you fam 🙌🏽

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