O’s-pinion: Validation and Credit Gone Too Far? Social Media Edition

This is a touchy topic because it can go either way. The problem most of us are facing is who did what first and who owes who a “thank you” when doing certain things. Especially on social media.

Credibility is defined as the quality of being believable or worthy of trust and validation is defined as the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something, according to Dictionary.com. Please place both definitions in your head to understand this situation.

A month ago, students and alumni from two Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU), Lincoln University and Jackson State University, were arguing over a chant that was a part of a graduation video posted on Twitter.

In the video, a student from LU was discussing her time at the institution and showcasing being the new Miss LU. In the beginning of the video, there was a clip with her incorporating a remix version of one of JSU’s chants.

A student from LU was posting a video showing her excitement for getting ready to graduate.
After she posted the video, a former student from JSU retweeted her post stating, “Lol Run JSU A CHECK for that first Chant!!!!! We take Checks, Cash App, Debit, and PO Number.”

It took one person to say something and all hell broke loose. The problem isn’t within who had what first, it’s the recognition (validation) and credibility. Another former student from JSU revealed the video of their chant back in the early 2000s.

Most situations are lacking the two aspects. To some, it’s also caused a lack of authenticity and originality.

The JSU alumnus student was demanding that they receive credit from the LU student for the remixed version of their chant. His opinion on the issue caused multiple retaliations from LU students.

Now let me put myself in Miss LU’s shoes. I personally believe she was only doing a video prepping for her last days of being at LU. I don’t believe she purposefully was trying to take anyone’s chant.

Besides, we all need to empower each other anyways. This isn’t a competition between who had what first or who did what better.

If anything, someone else from LU made the remix and she picked up on it, liked it and wanted to show appreciation for her school.

So the real question is, has validation and credit gone too far?

In my opinion, sometimes.

The guy who retweeted the post didn’t take into consideration that most chants have been used or re-used for many years. I can also understand his frustration because this was something that was deemed important to him since he attended one of the most distinguished HBCUs in the south.

However, he claimed he was only joking about the situation, but continued to egg on the situation throughout the Twitter threads.

This caused multiple students and alumni to attack each other, some even threaten to fight over it.

I’m not saying don’t give someone credit or don’t ask for validation because those are important especially if you’re like me and want a future in the journalism career. What I’m saying is, have conversations about this instead of jumping down each other’s throats.

People tend to forget that this is social media. Meaning, anything that you put out will come back and haunt you.

By the way, since the situation was last month, yes it has died down. If anyone knows whether or not an apologize was said, let me know. I’d love to do a follow-up.

I would love to hear about other people’s thoughts and don’t be afraid to disagree or educate in some areas because this is a very touchy topic. We can even look back to the 1800s and discuss similar topics like this when there wasn’t social media.

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