Check-Ins Coming Soon…I Hope

So…I’m going to start doing a mental break check-in. At least, that’s what I chose to call it.

Let me explain.

I’m starting to slowly realize that I don’t have the best mental health and I’m constantly stressed out. Being stressed out has affected me so much that I’ve became numb to it.

That’s not okay.

Becoming numb to stress allows it to take over your everyday life. For example, things I wouldn’t normally do, or even anyone would do, turns into an everyday “lifestyle” for me.

There were times where just getting out of bed was the hardest thing for me to do. Remembering to eat would be the second. Then handling my social life would come in third place.

Some of the stuff I’ve encountered are too difficult for me to share online. Mostly because I know no one would understand how mental health is a very broad topic and has multiple symptoms.

Maybe I’ll talk about it another time. Maybe I’ll describe what goes on in my head everyday another time.

This “check-in” will become my way of communicating my emotions and thoughts. I have a journal that I keep but that’s for personal stuff. This is personal but not to the extent of revealing anything extreme.

I’m making this a part of blog post to make sure I’m keeping up with living my days instead of going through them. That’s what it feels like to me, that I’m just going through them.

It doesn’t help that I live in an area where it’s the norm to be rude to others. Disgusting.

Until my mind and soul heals, I want to be able to breathe and relax. I want to really take care of myself. Not the “okay I’ll feeling good today, time to wear something nice” type of care but the “wow I’m feeling amazing today” type of care.

I understand we’re humans and everyday won’t be a great day but my days are starting to look like work. For example, I shouldn’t wake up already angry, upset and struggling but I do. This is almost everyday for me.

On top of that I shouldn’t have an attitude towards anyone just because I feel like having one. There should be a reason behind those actions but I refuse to provide one.

I’ll going to make a promise to check-in as much as I can. I hope that by doing this I can track myself in a way that will help my mental health get better and increase the changes in my life.

I know this won’t fully fix the problem and I’m not looking for it to. I just hope and pray it’ll help me move in the right direction.

Now…let’s do this.

Let’s see what this girl can grow into.

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