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O’s-pinion: Locked and Loaded for This Year?

As we enter the new year and the start of a new decade, I hope we all learned more than we ever had these couple of years. Especially bringing back the glory of common sense.

I believe this new year needs to be taken a lot more seriously than the other past ones. In my opinion, the past years either fell flat or had some highlights that most people didn’t use for their ability to progress.

In other words, we are still discussing insignificant issues instead of the major ones, the same major issues that could affect everyone for the rest of our lives.

We need to start being locked and loaded for the 2020 year with common sense in facts, morals and empathy. Down talking and irrational arguments to hide the toxic natures of some people needs to be buried forever.

Although this is a strong opinion point I’m making, there is some truth to it. Recognizing the truth is the first step. Understanding the truth is the next step. Finally, the third step is letting the truth stand and not attempting to disregard it for other people’s comfort.

For a decade, I have personally witnessed one of the most ignorant comments throughout the different forms of media and most of the audience continued to feed into it. However, it was a learning lesson that should continue to encourage everyone into the creation of the new vision for the future.

Common sense is crucial because education and research depends on it. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of common sense is the sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

Common sense is important because standing for nothing can cause a person to fall for anything. Not using common sense can lead to the blind leading the blind, no chance for new ideas, believing those who are considered in higher power are never wrong and developing “fake” outraged on selective situations.

The blind leading the blind is a well know statement. When some people don’t have a lot of knowledge on certain subjects, they tend to lead others to the same lack of knowledge and sometimes, refuse to be open minded.

New ideas can be erased through close minded people. Someone in power could state an opinion with no evidence and their fan base or audience would continue to believe them. No matter how ignorant or wrong that it may be.

Finally, fake outrage on selective topics are mostly notice on social media when different situations happens but some people only pick and choose what they feel like needs to be acknowledge. Then they proceed to go on this outrage without doing the same for other situations or issues.

Thomas Paine wrote his own “Common Sense” of a detailed argument to Britain about why American should be its own independent nation.

Why can’t we do the same for our own independent minds?

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