College Life

Road to Graduation – Part 2

Man, when I said I needed a break, I didn’t think having a COVID-19 would spread throughout the states. It’s sad because some families lost their love ones to the disease. The negative impact the virus had on people has been constricting but I know for myself, there was still a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m not going to lie, I originally wanted to write my blog post cursing about how everything went wrong and it’s only April but now that I have a clear mind, I believe everything is going to work out in the end.

There was so much I didn’t get a chance to focus on because I had a lot on my plate for my last semester. To think I almost didn’t have all of my applications for graduate school turned because I was so worried about school. Now I’ve been accepted to George Mason University in the Master of Arts Communication program and I’m currently waiting on the decision from Norfolk State University.

If that’s not a blessing then I don’t know what is. Another blessing was that I didn’t get accepted into American University. After hearing about how they treated their students during the COVID-19

I finally have time to work on myself (something I never got a chance to do) and worry about important aspects of my life that I didn’t get a chance to do. I’m even starting my own online journalism career for the future.

The only thing I wished I focused on was to earn more money so that can invest in it. I’m planning to buy a microphone for my podcast and a camera for my videos for my online news website (coming soon).

My online website is going to consist of me doing my own reporting on different topics. I don’t want to make it a commentary website because I want it to reflect my experience of being a news writer. Plus, I believe that there needs to be more reporting then biased commentary that is being mistaken for reporting. There’s nothing wrong with being a commentator or an opinion columnist but when some bloggers tend to mistake those for news writers who report without their input or opinion.

I’m currently on the road to figuring out how trades and stocks work (if any blogger has information on that please contact me ASAP or put your link to your blog post in my comment section. I’ve seen some influencers promote trades but knowing some of them, they don’t tell you what could go wrong with stocks or trades. Especially, when the company is paying influencers to promote what makes the company look good but sometimes not the truth.

That would be a great news story.

I hope and pray that we get through the COVID-19 outbreak. I pray everyone doesn’t lose any more family members or friends. My school said our graduating class of spring 2020 would have a ceremony but it’s really up in the air.

You know what? It’s okay if I don’t get to walk because the degree will still be in the mail and I’ll still be grateful for all of my accomplishments that have or will happen this year.

Stay tuned for my first COVID-19 news article and remember to stay safe.

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