College Life

10 Things to Know When You Go to College

Here are some tips from myself for any future college students. I wrote the list because of some of the aspects I wish I had known when I was in college. I hope it helps out, and if you have anything to add from your own college experience, put it in the comments below (especially if you take classes online).

  1. Freshman year is the year to try to figure out your study and social media habits, daily routines, involvement opportunities, favorite topics, friendships, find where certain buildings are and eating schedules.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You chose a particular college for a reason, so make sure you know that you’re getting the best of it.
  3. Check to see where and whom you’re rooming with for the year. Yes, some colleges have room change periods, but it does not guarantee that you’ll get into the room you want.
  4. Please carry an agenda. You probably didn’t need one in high school, but you’ll need one in college. Especially if you’re planning on being heavenly involved. Make sure to separate your work for schools and organizations in different folders, planners or notebooks so you don’t get confused. Having a calendar with some sticky notes is a bonus.
  5. Don’t be afraid to drop a class during your freshman year (be cautious during your junior and senior year). There are many reasons why someone would drop a class which is course load, the professor, and the time the class starts.
  6. Don’t forget that you are responsible for yourself. From getting up to go to class to going to sleep at a decent time. Responsibility doesn’t end with schoolwork if you hold positions in your student organizations, that becomes one of your responsibilities. Volunteer work is also a huge responsibility because you’re helping a community that is depending on volunteers.
  7. YOUR GRADES DON’T DEFINE YOU! I can understand if you’re planning to have a high GPA to get into a graduate school or receiving a second degree but don’t become so hard on yourself where you feel that a GPA represents who you are. That GPA doesn’t equal work ethic.
  8. Keep up with your emails. Students who don’t look at their emails regularly miss important updates like graduate applications, job or career opportunities, updates from the school, parking changes, sports games and the list goes on. Emails may seem tedious but it takes almost no time to press delete if you feel a certain email doesn’t pertain to you.
  9. Your room needs to be your sanctuary. College is going to be stressful and some students develop anxiety from taking on too much. Having room to come back to without worrying about the outside world is the best. Take the time to clean up your dorm room regularly. If you have a roommate, ask them what days would they like to clean (can turn into a bonding moment). Treat your room like a home, burn some candles (only if your school allows it), let some light in (during the morning, afternoon and evening) and dust off areas so you don’t have to worry about your sinuses.
  10. Do everything as early as possible. Doing school work last minute creates to much stress to your brain. When completely financial aid, there are going to be some frustrating moments when trying to complete it. Waiting to hear back from an employer or college admissions can be brutal if the applications aren’t done early so make sure you stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.