Emmanuel Hudson vs. Spoken Reasons

Comedians Emmanuel Hudson and John A. Baker, Jr. a.k.a. Spoken Reasons went viral after the newest Wild N’ Out episode showed Hudson revealing that Baker never paid him for the 2012 viral collaboration video called “Questions.” Both comedians took to Instagram to discuss what happened.

Video credited by Wild N’ Out

Emmanuel Hudson’s Side:

Hudson discussed on his Instagram live Wednesday about what happened between him and Spoken Reasons.

According to Hudson, Baker’s assistant called him to collaborate with Baker by creating a video to the song Hudson made called “Questions” back in 2011. The video went viral and was shown on mainstream media. However, Hudson claims he never received any of the money for the video.

In his IG live, Hudson talks about how during the collaboration, he wanted to upload the “Questions” video immediately, but Baker wanted to wait to post the video on Valentine’s Day.

“It was January. This phone call happened in January and the n**** told me, ‘We going to drop the official video Feb. 14,’ because it, since it was a relationship song, it was supposed to be for Valentine’s Day,” Hudson said to the viewers on the live.

Hudson expressed his concerns about waiting to post the song in February to Baker but he claims Baker told him it was better to “spread out uploading videos then give the fans what they want.”

Hudson discussed how he posted another song he created called “She Ratchet” (also went viral). He expressed that Baker saw how well the video did and changed the date for uploading the “Questions” video to the Sunday of that week.

Hudson agreed with Baker and was excited for the date changed. However, on Saturday of that same week, Hudson claims he received a text from a girl stating that she loved the “Questions” video.

“I text this girl like, ‘yo what are you talking about?’ Like, that video ain’t supposed to be out until Sunday,” he said.

Hudson contacted Baker to ask about the date change. According to Hudson, Baker told him that he changed his mind because he wanted the video to blow up sooner.

Despite the confusion, Hudson was excited about the views their video was receiving and asks Baker for a copy of the video so that he can put it on his channel. While he was waiting for the video, Hudson decided to help promote by posting the link from Baker’s channel on Twitter. Unfortunately, Baker never sent Hudson the video in time so Hudson’s friend decided to extract the video for him.

Video credited by sophisticatedbadgurl

The videos were then posted a day a part from each other.

Hudson tried to take affirmative actions to gain rights to the video since it was his song being used but YouTube policy claims rights to a video is depended on who posts the content first.

According to Hudson, in 2013 he saw a post from Essence Magazine stating, “Spoken Reasons Most Known for Famous Video ‘Questions’.”

He tweets on his page stating, “Yo, it’s crazy how n***** is famous for my song.” Then Baker tweets him back stating, “Hey, you need to be humble. Don’t forget who put you on your first plane.”

“There’s a lot that this n***** is not telling y’all,” Hudson said.

Spoken Reasons’ Side:

Baker had his own side but his IG live consisted of how he felt about Hudson rather than an explanation of what happened in 2012.

Baker is seen on his IG asking Hudson, “Say exactly what you said, and keep the same energy.  All you got to do is sue me, dog.  Be a real man, go to your lawyer do what you got to do and sue me.”

Baker also expressed that he made it on his own while Hudson needed someone to help his career, like Wild N’ out host Nick Cannon. He also claims he helped Hudson’s fame by posting the “Questions” video on his page. He said he did so because he believed in Hudson.

According to Baker, most of the credit went to Hudson and he claims they both received royalties from Google. In 2012, YouTube didn’t have enough revenue to split between collaborations but Baker still collaborated with other YouTubers despite of the issue.

The BMI from 2013.

Hudson entered Baker’s live commenting that Baker shouldn’t have gotten any credit from the video.

“B**** I flew you to Florida, f*** n****! You did the [song] on a webcam, I put you in the studio. You did the [song] on a Jay Z jigga web beat. I did a different beat and told my producer to make a another beat, you b**** a** n****,” Baker said.

Baker claims he didn’t know the “Questions” video would have so many views.

Baker revealed that he thought the situation between him and Hudson were good in 2019. He didn’t understand why there was an issue and when he tried to talk to Hudson after the Wild N’ Out episode, he claims Hudson refused to.

Baker also questioned Hudson’s man hood because of Hudson dressing in women’s clothes to play one of his characters in his music videos. He shows a screen shot of Hudson and his brother in one of his videos wearing a dress.

“You made it [wearing dresses] n****. Look at this my n****…You made it doing this being a b**** a** n****,” he said.

He refers to his work being better than most record labels and continues to talk about Hudson.

“I never going to let you live bro, you done started some s***,” he said.

Video Credited by TheRealJules

Wild N’s Out’s Side:

Cannon and comedian John Whitfield a.k.a. DC Young Fly also were in a situation with Baker.

Hudson claims Whitfield, Baker and himself were at the 2014 BET Hip Hop awards with the other influencers. When Baker and Whitfield first met it seemed like everything was good until Baker expressed on an interview with World Star Hip Hop on his opinion about Whitfield not being funny.

Video Credited by Comedy Hype

According to Hudson, Whitfield called Baker to confront him and the phone call is allegedly recorded.

Hudson went on Whitfield’s IG live and Whitfield expressed that him and Baker have talked about “what was going on between them and it’s not for the world to know.”

In 2019, Cannon had an issue with Baker after he accused Cannon of stealing content. Cannon didn’t voice his opinion about Baker, but he still reached out to him to shoot for a Wild N’ Out episode.

Some viewers believed the exchange was a set-up because once Baker got there, no one laughed at his jokes and everyone was ready to roast him throughout the episode, including Whitfield and Hudson.

After the shoot, Hudson claims he and Baker got into an altercation because Baker wanting to talk but Hudson refused to talk to him. Then once everything settled down, Baker apologized to Hudson but Hudson still felt that Baker’s apology wasn’t an apology.

There were also allegations that Hudson wasn’t the first person to not receive their payment from Baker some other co-stars from Baker’s past episodes are starting to come forward.

Information on the updates of the situation will be issued in a follow up blog post.

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  1. I’m late on this issue but I just recently heard about this.
    All I’m gonna say is that karma comes when you unexpected and money will always break a friendship
    Be careful when people you don’t know reach out to you, wanting to make money with you because are really trying to take advantage

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