O’s-pinion: Don’t Talk Down to Someone Who Helped You Get Where You’re Today

I didn’t want to talk about anymore influencers because in my opinion they are a distraction during this revolution. Unfortunately, some issues need to be addressed within my generation because some of our fellow peers don’t know how to stop making just anyone famous.

Lord forgive me for being a hypocrite after stating that I wouldn’t discuss these influencers, but B. Simone (deep negro sigh) has been working on my LAST nerve. Again, like I said before, I didn’t want to hear what these influencers had to say because some of them continue to speak on topics they’re uneducated in.

My LAST never didn’t come from the information she was uneducated in, it was more in her arrogance and hypocritical standpoint that she showcased within the last few weeks.

B. Simone, someone who refers to herself as an entrepreneur, plagiarized some small content bloggers information in her new “self-made” book. Not just plagiarized, she copied and pasted their work and placed it on a few of her pages (not the entire book like most people assumed).

Here’s where I got annoyed.

It’s not a secret that larger content creators, influencers, make-up artists, entrepreneurs, artists and others have done this before. Hence why I don’t follow, support or want anything to do with the K-Cult (Kardashians) or anyone else who affiliates themselves with them because of the fraudulent behavior, fetish of black men/women, stealing of black people’s work and hypocrisy in their wack ass family. Not just them either, anyone can catch this block button from Octavia Johnson for the stupidity, scamming and willfully ignorant actions.

B. Simone was talking all this shit about nothing, like her wanting to date someone with a 9-5 job (I don’t know why y’all were wasting your time arguing with her when she clearly didn’t know what a “9-5” meant which is ironic because she used to work at one), and before that, she was trying to act “holier than thou” about her view on advocating for black people during the uprising against police brutality (again, her ass was uneducated in that too).

Then she said on her IG post that there is nothing wrong with having a 9-5 nigga, but she just wants an entrepreneur ass husband (notice how she referred to the 9-5 man as the “nigga,” but the entrepreneur as the “husband”). Then had the nerve to say she was going to “rebuy her book so that she can manifest her husband.”

Here’s when I got mad.

All that cocky ass shit just to soon find out that B. Simone copied and pasted her work from a blogger named Ell, who has a blog called Boss Girl Bloggers, and she does excellent work with maintaining an audience on Pinterest and keep up with her blogs. The other was Happiness Planner® who found not one, but THREE of their content pages in her book. Haylie Ellison, blogger for The Morning Buzz, caught wind that her stuff was in there too. Someone also tagged Janine Ripper about her blog post being in B. Simone’s book. Then there was a page from a black content creator, The Vision Preneur who later claimed she reached a settlement with B. Simone’s team (you better than me sister, but continue being blessed queen). Allegedly, she stole from another black content creator, and they were working on getting the company to be involved in the copied material.

These are the REAL content creators (the ones who stepped forward, Lord knows how many others were stolen) that B. Simone, or her team which I’ll get into that later, stole the content from and most of her followers paid over $30 for. More than likely she found all of these pages on Pinterest. So, before asking them to provide proof, it’s literally on Pinterest.

Now, there were people who tried to defend B. Simone, however I don’t argue with people who will jump 100 feet and tweet their fingers off to bury any artist to the ground for stealing lyrics to their favorite artist’s song. So, who cares about your opinion. I’m not about to argue with hypocrites and you’re just going to get blocked. There, I let you know so…don’t waste your time.

Then B. Simone prided herself into how much money she made and how social media couldn’t cancel her (which she’s right because most of y’all will still support this broad) then went completely silent after some people on social media suggested that the bloggers sue her ass. Then miss “I’m going to rebuy my book to manifest a husband” was ready to find a way to manifest this lawsuit to not happen.

After two or three days she finally posted on her IG and gave an explanation on what happened. According to her, she was working with her team and they outsourced some people to create the image or idea of what she wanted her book to look like.

Huh? Didn’t she “self-made” the book, meaning, she wrote it?

Well, that’s what most of us thought but before B. Simone made her video speaking out, her “manager” (Harpo who this woman) said that the team was suing the design company that B. Simone hired to put the book together.

Wait, huh? Suing the design company? T-t-trick the design company doesn’t handle content, they handle DESIGN. I remember reading that comment so many times because I couldn’t believe that instead of just saying, “we screwed B. Simone over,” her wack ass manager tried to lie to the people by stating it was the design company’s fault.

Don’t get it twisted though, B. Simone didn’t help her situation either. She basically told everyone why this went downhill and it went over her supporters heads.

SHE IS NOT AN AUTHOR. Her words not mine (capitalization is mine though). Of course the stuff that she did was plagiarized, of course she didn’t write the book, of course she thought the book had great quality (a lot of people said it was a scrapbook/magazine/coloringbook), of course the content wasn’t about her life, of course she thought she couldn’t be canceled because her followers don’t understand that canceling someone who is black isn’t ant-black, of course her manager thought by lying they would get away with it, and of course she didn’t know how to handle the issue when it happened the first time until she knew she could be sued for plagiarism.

B. Simone doesn’t know what she’s doing. That’s literally why everything went to shit like it did. She doesn’t know that there a many different ways to protest, she doesn’t know how to get a man so she rather manifest an “entrepreneur husband,” she doesn’t know how plagiarism can have extreme consequences because copy right is serious in the U.S., hell, she doesn’t know that once you say some cocky shit, you better be able to back it up.

Please stop making these “influencers” (someone needs to change their names because I don’t know how scamming is influencing anyone) famous when they don’t need to be.

B. Simone kept saying in her statement that she is taking full responsibility and is still learning. Why do ALL influencers who talk down to other people but once they get caught up, now it’s “I’m still learning everyday.” Well, if you’re “learning” so much then why isn’t any of the education people are trying to provide to you sticking?

I’m not even trying to be funny, I’m so serious. I’m not perfect either, but damn my learning comes directly when it happens not when people are threatening to sue me. So, hell yeah you need to take full responsibility.

If she was learning so much, then why did she refer to herself as an “entrepreneur,” she obviously doesn’t know what an “entrepreneur” is. Especially, when she stated, “[The Team] did a lot of things without my knowledge.”

First rule sis, no one should be doing ANYTHING without your knowledge, and if they do guess what? Partnership should’ve been terminated (IF y’all had an agreement then there should’ve been a written statement about it furthering your case) or people from the team should’ve been fired ASAP.

The cocky shit and self-entitlement from the influencers needs to stop. I don’t care what color they are, no one should have the ability to talk down to you when you pay THEIR BILLS.

I said what I said, and I hope she gets sued. It’s bad enough that bloggers have to fight for a space in the writing world because most of the content creators’ audience don’t like to read anymore. So, to the popular influencers, find your own shit.

By the way, I blocked her on social media, so the only references of what she said will be from the links to the recorded YouTube videos (all of the videos are credited to their creators, I didn’t create any of their content).

No, it doesn’t make you anti-black for going against her for that stupidity. Any cocky influencer who loves to steal ideas can get it no matter what color they are, especially when your audience is the reason you’re relevant.


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