Becoming Inspired and Learning About Yourself

In case you thought someone forgot…Black Lives Still Matter. Don’t get it twisted.

Throughout my life, I started to realize being inspired isn’t the problem, it’s keeping the momentum. Inspiration is a beautiful feeling because for a moment the vision you’ve probably dreamed about everyday is now coming to life.

For myself, I truly begin to be inspired when writing short stories or news articles. My passion and creativity comes to life when I write. I’m better with written communication than verbal, especially when explaining evidence through examples, journalistic articles and documentations.

My writing grew from my love of reading. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to return to my daily reading plan that I have done for years.

When I was in college, I felt like there was no time to read because I was involved with student organizations and volunteer work. So, I would constantly let myself down when I would buy a new book just to not read it.

Then the coronavirus pandemic came in and I started to realize how much more time I had with not having to go to class, meetings, forums and other college activities. So, imagine realizing that most of your time was involved with school.

I was still struggling to come back to reading, but my inspiration returned with writing on my blogs. I noticed how much my blogs made me feel relaxed and confident.

Inspiration will do that to you. You’ll start to create a more opened opportunity in your mind to look deep into your creativity and step outside of yourself to view your vision.

My vision was so confusing for what I wanted to do with the blog, but I found a great project with personal blogging. I felt my inspiration grow so much because of the different types of content I wanted to produce, like my college life, internship life, normal life, and others that I feel would be current right now.

I’m hoping to keep the momentum going even though there’s so much going on. I’ve even been advocating for black journalists due to the lack of representation and stories being told by the black perspective. Black media and press have been trying to tell these stories for years and were pushed to the side until white mainstream started to realize they could get a lot of views from black people’s sorrows.

In order to stay inspired, here are some tips I recommend:

  • Find your hobbies and your passions.
  • Create an outline of what inspires you.
  • Make sure you understand why what you picked inspires you.
  • Take that inspiration and create something that makes you happy.
  • Find time to do what inspires you, but don’t over work yourself to where you feel overwhelmed.
  • You’re going to have those days where you’re going to lose some of your inspiration, step away from the project and give yourself some time to process why the inspiration died down.
  • Remember when you first developed your inspiration, find that source and bring it back to the forefront.
  • Don’t be afraid to save a project until it’s fully done. Then show it to others.
  • Pass on what inspired you to other people who may want to gain their own inspiration.

Inspiring others is just as important as inspiring yourself. You never know who’s watching you so go for it!

Inspiration can cause you to learn more about yourself. What works better for you, how do you like to work and how your inspiration affects you.

Everything starts to make sense to you more once you’re inspired. I had moments where I was in the middle of a project and my inspiration behind it was so broad that I had to write it down. I knew once it left my mind that was it. Better safe then sorry.

I’m currently working on some projects for my internship and I’m going to be M.I.A. for a while because I want to focus on those projects because I don’t have that much time left.

These days are flying past me and I don’t know how to handle it, you know? My inspiration is still there though, I just need to organize and keep up with everything.

Wish me luck and keep being inspired. By the way Juneteenth is tomorrow, and find out what you’re planning to do to bring the celebration to the black community so that we can get close.

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