College Life

From Graduation to Grad School

Priorities are key. Hence why everyone hasn’t heard from CWO in over a month.

I’ve been working hard to finish my internship at Volunteers of America and making sure to keep up with the documents I need for graduate school.

Then of course, I ended up graduating at UNCP last weekend! Last month, the original plan was for the graduation ceremony to go as planned on a different date. However, because some NC residents decided that partying was more important than health, the coronavirus spread increased and caused North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper to extend phase 2.

I still graduated, but the ceremony was different for this class of over 900 students. We had a “drive-thru” ceremony where each student will be introduced while driving in a car.

The experience wasn’t exactly like how I imagined, but I was happy to see some many first generation graduates get a chance to be honored. If anyone from the Spring Class of 2020 is reading, great job and continue to keep striving for greater.

After taking some awesome pictures and flexing on every racist who was still living their pitiful lives in Stedman, N.C., I made it back home with almost no time to spare.

I felt a little overwhelmed because there was so much I needed to look forward to. I had an interview with Norfolk State University for a Graduate Assistantship.

I was really nervous because I’m such a perfectionist and overthink about everything. A part of me knew it was going to be competitive because I understood that I wasn’t the only one interviewing for the position. Imagine knowing that you have the experience and the GPA to be able to obtain a GA position, but still believing that you still didn’t do enough.

That’s was my mindset.

Despite me freaking out about the result, I found out last week that I was accepted as one of the GA’s. I was so excited and relieved to find out that I was accepted.

I wasn’t ready to celebrate just yet. My work isn’t finished for the summer, and I wanted to make sure I was done with everything before I returned to campus. I’m currently filling out the documents I need to send to the school, waiting on the documents for the GA position, and contacting offices about questions I need in order to have a successful semester at NSU.

NSU also updated us on move in changes for September instead of the end of August. They also want all of us to go online for the first two weeks of classes. Even though we will return to campus in September, we are still starting classes at the end of August.

I also have more great news, but you need to read the next post to find out what I got planned for this year.

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