Journey to the Land of Magazine Publication

This fall, I’m going to start my internship at ENSPIRE Magazine remotely, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of an amazing team.

For those who don’t know, I’ve always wanted to work in a magazine publication. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with trying different media-related work experience. My passion was writing so what better way than to enhance that skill by working for a publication.

The interest in magazine publication came reading Essence Magazine. Although Essence is a fashion magazine, the opposite of what I would write about, I loved the impact the publication had on black culture.

As one of the noblest and longest-running black-owned magazine, I admire the work put in to continue the long stream of content. Plus, the subscription for the monthly magazines. During my undergrad collegiate career, I wanted to write or edit for Essence or any magazine expressing black culture.

However, UNCP didn’t have a lot of classes that focused on magazine writing. Most of the journalism classes focused more on newspaper production. I loved writing about the local news, but adding magazine production would’ve brought more variety into the center of news writing.

This year, I told myself I wasn’t going to wait, so I started looking for magazines on social media. I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any that would have internships or job opportunities due to the coronavirus.

It didn’t hurt to try, and thank God, I tried.

I saw an article that was on Facebook called, “Miami Music Project Alumni Starina D’Haiti Reflects A Year Later How Miami Music Project Changed Her Life.” The article touch on a young girl who found a passion for music after having to leave her home in Haiti to live in the United States.

If I were you guys, I would read the article. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

The story was so inspirational, and I started to look through more articles. I soon realized these were articles from ENSPIRE Magazine.

The magazine was founded by Ese Ofurhie in Bronx, NY. She wanted to create a magazine that expressed positive and inspirational stories.

I believe some news outlets can become very toxic because of the constant posts about the negatives. However, those same news outlets would admit that having more positive news could help with the public.

That’s why I decided to apply to ENSPIRE because the magazines show those stories that the public needs to read.

After being accepted into the internship program, I was ready to get started. I had the opportunity to attend two meetings with another intern who is going to work with me during the fall.

I saw the opportunity as a blessing. There are so many companies and organizations closing during the pandemic and people losing or not finding any jobs. If you’re having trouble finding work, please don’t give up. I’m a living witness.

I wish I could break down everything that I went through this whole summer. The pandemic didn’t help. No matter what happened, I always seemed to make it through.

Ain’t that crazy.

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