O’s-pinion: Ready or Not, the Work is Coming

I started my internship this week, and classes start tonight. I felt putting a quick mental check-in is needed since I’m going to be balancing work and school.

My sleep schedule isn’t the best right now because I’ve been trying to update myself on different documents to fill out for graduate school, however, due to the constant changes at Norfolk State University during the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve made a list of stuff I needed to do before the move-in week. Plus, I had to pray that someone would handle my physical health documents.

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Thank God I got most of the paperwork done (mainly for housing), and I got a call to set up an appointment. Now, that’s two things I can cross off the list. I even called the graduate school office to make sure I had an update on what’s the next step for the Graduate Assistantship.

Now, I’m working to make sure I’m on top of my work during my magazine publication internship. My goal is to be as engaged and participate in most of the opportunities. I’m hoping I can figure out a set schedule that will help balance everything on my plate.

Photo credited by Pexels.com

Honestly, this was a tough time for me. I felt like I’m still falling behind on everything. That’s not like me at all to feel like this, and I don’t know how to stop thinking that school won’t work out or that I’m not on point with my internship work.

Then I started to feel like I’m lacking productivity from not being on top of the aspects I needed to focus on like the admission process and answering emails from people who need immediate answers for new opportunities.

I don’t know what I need to do to light this fire up again, but I need to figure it out. Fast.

My mental health is hanging by a thread, but it’s not that it’s anyone’s fault. I should’ve taken more time to myself instead of just one week. That wasn’t enough, so now I’m going back to work again with no breaks.

Photo credited by Pexels.com

For right now, I need to continue to work, but once I find out a way to make time for myself within my schedule, we should be good to go. I haven’t had a steady eating schedule. I had the same problem in undergrad when I was heavily involved in different organizations.

I need a different way of organizing because I know that I have no problem with multitasking. The issue is, I’m so used to scheduling my life around the places I go to make sure I’m on time for meetings, study sessions, homework and work. Now, I need to make sure I have free time scheduled within the time frame (maybe on Friday and Saturday).

I signed up for some organization templates from a professor, and my school is about to send in a planner made for time management and being productive.

I can’t wait to change up my organization skills and enhance my work ethic so that my free time comes in a lot better. I feel my sleep and eating schedule will follow through. All of this is important for a successful first year in grad school. Not only am I going to work on myself, but I hope that I can pass my knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Photo Credited by Pexels.com

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