The Librarian

The children have been inside the old, dusty library for over an hour. They were there to play a trick on this kid, Jullian, who was said to be scared of everything. After the children dared Jullian to go in and find the dead librarian’s name tag on her desk, he never came out.

Then there was a scream.

Amid laughter, the children finally decided that Jullian had enough and went to find him. They entered the abandoned library, to figure out where Jullian could have gone.

The library was filled with dim lights, dusty books, old chairs, and a desk at the end of the library with the name written, Mrs. Clairy.

The children approached it, hoping to find little Jullian curled up into a ball underneath the desk.

No one was there.

“Now what?” asked Tiffany. Tiffany was a soft-spoken girl who loved to wear little ribbons in her hair. She only tagged along because she thought it would be funny to see Jullian get scared.

They all looked around to see if a clue will help them navigate to Jullian. Tiffany saw a large shadow cast upon her, and she shuddered at the monstrous figure.

“Well, what do we have here?”

All of the children let out a yelp but didn’t try to run. The figure before them wasn’t monstrous at all. It was a slender woman with large rimmed glasses slipping onto the tip of her nose.

“Who the heck are you lady?” said Donovan, the leader and the one who dared Jullian to go inside the library. He stuck out his chest at the mysterious woman and she chuckled slightly.

“Well, I’m just an old soul wondering why you children were out past your bed time?”

“Oh…well we lost someone.” said Donovan.

The lady waited patiently for the children to all tell their side of the story of why they were looking for Jullian in the library.

“I’m so sorry children but I’ve been here for hours cleaning up the place,” she raised a shaky finger towards the broom and trash bin in the back of the building. “I haven’t seen anyone come inside here.”

Tiffany squeaky voice rose in fear, “We watched him come in! He has to be in here!”

She looked at the other children for reassurance, but they all looked at their feet.

“Well missy, how about this? Try to look in the children’s reading room in the far left of this floor.”

The children scrambled to try to get to the tight, small room that the old woman spoke about. Just when their eyes fixed into the darkness, they heard a loud slam come from behind them.

“What’s going on?” Donovan runs to the door and starts trying to pry it open. “Hey! Let us out!” But the door never opened.

The children gathered around each other debating how they were going to get out of there. One of the children starts looking at a cover a book that was laying on what he assumed was a table in the room.

The child’s eyes grew wide. “Guys look at this!”

The children crept slowly to the picture and tried to make out what it was in the dark. On the cover was a woman sitting beside a boy. When their eyes started to fix in the dark, she looked like the old women they’ve just encountered. The boy in the picture looked a little chubby, and his face looked filled with fear.

It was Jullian.

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