My Hut on the Beach

The ocean always looks so beautiful to me, with the water rushing in and slowly creeping out, and the wind blowing a slight breeze that didn’t knock you over. I noticed the same gorgeous seashells with designs that looked whimsical with its swirls and other different patterns.

My body glides across the sand. Every step sunk into the warm embrace that is surrounded by bare feet.

I was always allowed to go out to the beach by myself. I mean, who was going to stop me? I was homeless with no other relatives near to care for me. I don’t believe in the system, and the smelling homeless shelter made it hard to live in.

Besides, behind those walls, I wouldn’t be able to hear the seagulls singing to each other over the loud crashing of the waves smacking against each other, fighting to see who was the strongest. The sun shines bright against my shades, commanding me to look up at it.

I don’t though.

I never felt so much freedom in a while. When my parents died, or at least that’s what my gram gram told me, my mind shut down. I started taking walks regularly, like on the side of the road, through the park, and on the beach. Gram gram tried to shelter me back in, but after our huge argument, I left. Most teens don’t get up and leave, but I did.

I’m not sorry for it either.

Now, the world is my home. I continued to my destination, I little hut at the end of the beach where other people hang out. It was shaggy and looked a little run-down, but it was home. I mean, I don’t sleep there, but I sit and watch the ocean or listen to constant chatters of college kids complaining about, you know, college.

I start to see the hut becoming visible on the horizon. I didn’t see anyone there.

They probably didn’t feel like going to the beach today.

I mean, who wouldn’t? I love the smell of the seaweed and the saltwater. My parents loved the beach too. Well, gram gram told me that too. She said they would go out on dates at the beach and be there for hours. She didn’t like it when they stayed out too late. That’s why we started arguing because I was staying out too late without telling her like they used to.

The hut began to grow as I approach the ramp that led up to its door. No one knows who lived in the hut or if it was a gift shop. All we knew that it was there then it was deserted.

Since no one was there, I got to stretch out and listen to the beach make music with all the elements orchestrating together.

I was glad I was on my own now, but sometimes I wished I had a family to share this moment. Especially my parents. I don’t know what exactly happened to them, and gram gram was no help because when I would ask her, she would tear up and go into her room.

Well, whatever happened to them, they’re free now, and I’m free too.

In my little world on this beautiful beach.

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