Vacay at Virginia Beach

“You spend so much time in your profession it ought to be something you love.” ~John H. Johnson

I haven’t been to the beach in a long time, even during my four years as an undergrad. 

Crazy right? A college student not participating in the parties at the beach with my friends or peers. Well, I worked throughout my entire collegiate career. Many nights of studying, working in RHA, going to organizations’ meetings, volunteering and leading my organization, took up most of my time.

Now it’s 2021, and this summer, I went out to Virginia Beach. 

There was so much sand, fish and crustaceans. There was a pipe stretched towards the ocean and rocks with tons of oysters grouped on the sides of it. Seaweed swayed near the path towards the rocks. There was a crab that sprinted across the sand, which I assume was trying to find somewhere to hide. 

It was beautiful.

I stayed in the beach house with the ocean within view from my balcony. The sound of multiple cars driving past the beach house. There were a lot of places to eat at and to tour. I couldn’t go to one of the aquariums because tickets sold out, but I went to the Apex and boardwalk.

The Apex is Dave & Busters but with go-carts, bumper cars, and mini-golf. Fun place, especially for people who have been inside during the pandemic. Bonus, people mind their business while enjoying themselves.

Then there’s the boardwalk. Probably one of the longest I’ve walked on with people placed on the beach with different flags flying across the sky. There’s a pier somewhere down the way with gift shops and a shopping mart across from the beach. I found a dope shop that sold clothes and apparel about Virginia Beach. Guess who got a few?

I’m glad I went on the trip. I had so much on my mind from working during the summer and participating in this year’s NABJ Student Projects. 

I had to endure my overthinking and give my mind time to rest, and it was worth it. I ready to go back to working hard and seeing my future expand.

~Take a time to breathe and be present in the moment.