College Life

This Week Shook Me to the Core

Man, I haven't cried in a LONG time. I cried last week though. I think the emotions of what's happening to people who look like me is what pushed me over the edge. Last Friday, I watched my amazing peers, faculty and staff from my former institution have a peaceful protest for the lives of… Continue reading This Week Shook Me to the Core


Educating Myself on the Work

Don't get it twisted protests are still happening. Photo by Drew Williams on I don't know why I feel this way, but this hunger for advocating is intense. One of the most common advice I've seen from different educators is that the black community needed to get organized, like TODAY. If we don't, guess… Continue reading Educating Myself on the Work


Let’s Recap

I'm tired. Literally, sick and tired. I'm upset and haven't slept in days. George Floyd, a black man, was murdered by a police office, Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis, Mo., and everyone in America took justice into their own hands. There were protests in every single state and the police officers are making themselves look worse… Continue reading Let’s Recap