O’s-pinion: Ready or Not, the Work is Coming

I started my internship this week, and classes start tonight. I felt putting a quick mental check-in is needed since I’m going to be balancing work and school. My sleep schedule isn’t the best right now because I’ve been trying to update myself on different documents to fill out for graduate school, however, due to the constant changes at Norfolk State University during the coronavirus … Continue reading O’s-pinion: Ready or Not, the Work is Coming

Check-Ins Coming Soon…I Hope

So…I’m going to start doing a mental break check-in. At least, that’s what I chose to call it. Let me explain. I’m starting to slowly realize that I don’t have the best mental health and I’m constantly stressed out. Being stressed out has affected me so much that I’ve became numb to it. That’s not okay. Becoming numb to stress allows it to take over … Continue reading Check-Ins Coming Soon…I Hope