From Graduation to Grad School

Priorities are key. Hence why everyone hasn’t heard from CWO in over a month. I’ve been working hard to finish my internship at Volunteers of America and making sure to keep up with the documents I need for graduate school. Then of course, I ended up graduating at UNCP last weekend! Last month, the original plan was for the graduation ceremony to go as planned … Continue reading From Graduation to Grad School

This Week Shook Me to the Core

Man, I haven’t cried in a LONG time. I cried last week though. I think the emotions of what’s happening to people who look like me is what pushed me over the edge. Last Friday, I watched my amazing peers, faculty and staff from my former institution have a peaceful protest for the lives of those who were facing injustices throughout this nation. I also … Continue reading This Week Shook Me to the Core